Monday, November 17, 2014

Architects Designing With Models

Architecture Van Brandenburg is a firm of Architects based in Dunedin, New Zealand. And they design with physical models first then go to CAD. The results - really beautiful buildings.

There are a pile more images at

They had an exhibition in Venice, Italy and also in San Francisco, USA.

I think good design needs to be done by drawing, sculpting, painting and making models. CAD is really great once that initial design process is completed to make the construction drawings.

I really like their design philosophy and creative process.

From their website:

"...Architecture Van Brandenburg place great emphasis on the ‘build-ability’ of its designs. The design process is similar to a sculptors process: beginning with rough physical model mock-ups and ending with highly detailed 3D computerised models.

This is achieved by continually building prototypes until the team is satisfied with their function, fit for their intended purpose. The advantage of this process, is that the clients and technicians know exactly what the buildings will look like, and how they can be constructed."

Great to see. They haven't been blinded by the current obsession with everything must be done digitally rather than using digital processes where it is really useful.