I was born in 1956 and grew up in Invercargill in a happy family of 6. School holidays were always Stewart Island or going camping in the bush.

I always liked making things and so spent most of my time daydreaming. It was much more interesting than school, except for science subjects.

One day I found some clay and thought I might use it to figure out how metal bars deform when blacksmithing. I was holding this ball of clay in my hand - looked at it and thought - why don't I copy that - so 8 hours later - there was a clay hand holding a clay ball of clay.

36 years later - I'm still doing it because it's so much fun.

It turns out that I'm blatantly dyslexic. It does take me forever to write, spell and get grammar right without the help of a spell checker or Grammarly or my clever wife. However inventing, designing and doing crazy stuff is as easy as eating chocolate cake so I'm not complaining.

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