Monday, September 5, 2016

Lee Yeung & Lustre Effects Studio's Animatronic Gorilla

This mighty fine work on an Animatronic Gorilla popped up on The Stan Winston School Forum. It is by Lee Yeung of Beijing & Lustre Effects Studio.

"I'm Lee. Lustre Effects Studio went into operation in the Summer of 2015. It was formed immediately after a gathering with a group of young artists and professionals. This is due to our common belief that we should do the things we love provided they are magical and fun-filled.

We faced a lot of problems in the beginning. Luckily enough, we discovered from the internet the forums of Stan Winston School Of Character Arts, where we gained inspirations, knowledge and technical know-how.

Our workshop is made up of a passionate staff. We gathered all possible resources to research and learned by trial and error to finally give birth to our first production of the animatronic gorilla.

Why the gorilla and not anything else is because through the process of making it helped us to strengthen not only our skills but our will as well. We had to overcome difficulties, just to name a few, the complexities of the skin, the thickness of hair and installing an animatronic device to make it look awesome and cool.

The animatronic gorilla has yet to be perfected. But it is a work that bears witness to our keen efforts. It is only the first step. We will move forward to give our gorilla companions and build other fascinating creatures to share with you.

Our studio is an open-ended workshop. We will only be too happy to communicate and interact with you all. On behalf of my teammates, I would like to thank you all to let us share our story. Do the things you love. Just go for it.



You can learn more about this Animatronic Gorilla and how it was made here on Lee's original forum post.

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