Thursday, October 11, 2018

David Neat - A Maker - A Teacher of Making

I came across David Neat a few years ago. He has a wonderful website that I found very useful for drawing and making model sets.

He is a real teacher. As described on his web site.

"I am, quite simply put, a maker and a teacher of making. That may neatly embrace a lot of what I do, but it doesn’t really touch the heart of my interests or intentions. Having struggled for a long time to find a better job description, the one that I think I’m most comfortable with at the moment is .. practical investigator!

My own ‘making’ encompasses sculpture, model-making, painting, graphic work and design. My ‘teaching’ involves undergraduate or post-graduate lecturing/tutoring both here (England) and abroad; running my own short courses, whether independently or hosted by institutions; writing instructional books and articles. I am, for example, author of the (fairly successful) book Model-making: Materials and Methods and this WordPress site is meant to be a continuation or an ‘update’ of it.

Here is a list of the places/courses where I either work regularly or have given workshops/masterclasses to date:

Wimbledon College of Art, BA (Hons) Set Design for Screen, BA (Hons) Technical Arts & Special Effects, MA Theatre Design; Rose Bruford College, BA (Hons) Theatre Design; Central Saint Martins, BA (Hons) Performance Design and Practice, MA Performance Design and Practice, Foundation Art and Design; Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, MA Theatre Design; Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance Design; Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, MA Theatre Design; National Film and Television School, MA Production Design; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; National Gallery, London; Microsoft Mobile (formerly Nokia) London South Bank University, BA (Hons) Architecture; Aalto University School of Art and DesignHelsinki, BA Scenography; Royal Central School of Speech and Drama BA (Hons) Theatre Practice Design for Performance"

He also includes work from other model makers, suppliers, materials, tools.

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