Friday, April 5, 2019

Gelatin Moulds

Gelatin was used during the Victorian era to make moulds used in casting plaster sculptures.

Since then various artists and model makers have come up with ways to improve this by adding Glycerine.

The resulting Gelatin/Glycerine mixture (without water) is gently melted and poured around a "master" shape to create a reusable flexible mould. The mould can later be melted down and reused many times.

I have also come across a miniature model makers recipe that added Sorbitol to the Gelatine Glycerine mix in equal 1/3 portions. However, non-food grade Sorbitol powder is impossible to obtain in NZ in bulk. It does come with 50% water added for use in the Dairy Industry in milking sheds. $600 for 200L which then has to be processed to remove the unwanted water.

So a Gelatine Glycerine mix looks to be the way to go.

Here are some links to recipes and articles

And a 2 part video...

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