Sunday, July 23, 2017

Boardwalk Empire - the Best TV to come out of USA

I recently binge watch the complete series of Boardwalk Empire from HBO. I had never watch it before but had heard of it.

It is simply magnificent. In my opinion the best TV drama series to come out of the USA with The Sopranos in a close second.

I like everything about it - The opening sequence, the magnificent character acting, the lighting, the scripts, costumes and camera moves.

From US National Archives YouTube Channel here is "Inspired by Nelson Johnson’s New York Times best-selling book, HBO re-created the realism and texture of Prohibition-era Atlantic City in the hit series Boardwalk Empire. With video clips and behind-the-scenes stories, Terence Winter leads a discussion of the show’s creation. Panelists include Gretchen Mol, the actress who played Gillian Darmody; Edward McGinty, Jr., the actor who portrayed Ward Boss Boyd and research adviser for the show; Lesley Robson-Foster, visual effects supervisor; Nelson Johnson, author of Boardwalk Empire; and others."

On the set with principle Director/Scriptwriter Terence Winter

Boardwalk Empire: Designing An Empire (HBO)

From David Neat's web site

"The 1/4 inch (1:48) scale white card model for ‘Boardwalk Empire’ not only fully clarified the space but also communicated much of the ‘look’ due to the inclusion of the signage. Courtesy HBO ‘Boardwalk Empire: Designing an Empire’."

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