Monday, July 24, 2017

Designing With Models

I like designing with models. Then I make drawings. Usually the models are fully designed in my head in 3D before I even start. The models are for testing, tweaking, sharing with others. The models aren't precious - more like doodles.

I have done this for the last 40 years. Sculpted portraits of people are also done in my head before I pick up some clay. It makes it all very enjoying because I can then work from imagination and dreams.

When I worked in engineering for many years, welding and fabricating, I found I was able to look at drawings and build a 3D model in my head before starting work. A portable set of plans!

I design sets, landscaping, IT systems etc this way.

It drives other people nuts because they can't see what's going on till a model appears.

The recent Mt Chocolate - The Exhibition was put on for family, friends and neighbours. They were bugging me with questions about why I was doing the landscaping first and building last. And what were all the yellow pegs for!

Mt Chocolate is the name we have given our piece of land where we are planting a future native swamp forest reserve and building a home and art studio.

During the last week plenty of family, friends and neighbours came and had a look at the models, drawings, photos, and the beginnings of a handmade book about the project.

Here are some photos taken by Greg Fordyce during a recent club visit by members of the Southland model Engineers to have a look at the models. Thanks Greg !

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