Sunday, July 16, 2017

Draping - first steps

I need to design costume for some characters. Not knowng how to sew - where do I start?

Last week I heard an interesting interview on National Radio about a film The life of Zac Posen: Sandy Chronopoulos. "The House of Z is a film following the meteoric rise of New York fashion designer Zac Posen. The film is the debut feature for Sandy Chronopoulos who spent a year with him to film it."

The interview talked about how Zac learnt how to design by draping fabric on dolls. I thought to myself. That could work for me. Especially if I sculpted the physical form and personalities of the characters first.

"Draping is the art of manipulating fabric directly on the dress form in three dimensions. It is the most creative way for a designer to turn design ideas into reality"

A great Youtube interview with Hartford Stage costume designer Barry Sellers explain how he does works up a design by draping fabric on a Mannequin.

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